Rotarian Fellowships are associations of Rotarians who share a common passion. The Rotarian Drivers of Classic Vehicles of Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein - RDCV for short - are part of ACHAFR, the Antique, Classic and Historic Automobile World Fellowship of Rotarians.

Our common interest is the care of a historic technical and cultural asset, the preparation, driving and presentation of classic vehicles. In addition, we want to connect with other Fellowships abroad, exchange information and maintain and develop our friendships during joint tours and social events.

We welcome all Rotarians, Inner-Wheelers and Rotaracters from Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein (Districts 1980/1990/2000) with 'gasoline in their blood' and who preferably own a classic car. Rotarian friends from other countries who share our passion are invited to be our guests.

For organizational reasons, all official internal and external communication is in German.    

Are you interested in joining our community? Then please fill out the membership application below or write to Rot. Manuel Dubs

We look forward to your active participation!

The statutes of the RDCV can be found here